Monthly Archives: August 2018

Professional Development of Head Nurses

In the conditions of health care reform, medical and preventive organizations should provide the population with quality medical care. New technologies require the improvement of knowledge that must be maintained throughout the professional career. Today, it is typical for American healthcare to form a new look at the identity of the head of nursing service […]

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The legend of a selfless girl

She was the first professional nurse in history who during the Crimean War organized the first in the world service of the sisters of mercy. Life of Florence is like a beautiful legend, or rather, the plot of the film about a dedicated woman who sacrificed her fate for the sake of saving humanity. Florence […]

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Digital medicine – for whom is it?

Fund Commonwealth Fund conducted a study in which I wanted to find out how accessible the technology of digital medicine to people who need them most. In the category of such people were patients with low level of medical literacy. On the results of the study – on. In the study, 26 low-income patients were […]

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