Post of motivation: better late than never

Today was at the lecture of a physiotherapy professor, a gerontologist “Aging is beautiful or Size is important.”

The meaning of the lecture was how important is the size of the muscles or the volume of muscle mass with aging.

  1. Notorious examples with Dr. Jeffry S. Life, a therapist who at the age of 60 realized that he was a very bad example for his patients and, in addition to erectile dysfunction, was acquiring more and more health problems:
  2. On his video (5 minutes), where he tells that in 75 years he feels better than in 40, and he has better relations with sex than in 30. A good example, right?
  3. For more than 25 years, Professor Maria Fiatarone Singh has been dealing with the problems of aging, and she talked about the most interesting results of clinical studies that prove that strength exercises are a panacea, this medicine is the shortest path to health, longevity and beauty.

They brought videos and photos of the elderly and not very people who completely changed their health for the better by starting to practice. And they all said only one thing: “Why did not I know this before, why did not I start doing it about 20 years ago?”

All this starts to decrease from about 25-30 years. After that, starting and achieving some results becomes more and more difficult every year.

  1. And here is a good example of how muscle tissue (and possibilities) disappears with age:

  1. And then we were introduced to the legend. Ray Moon is the oldest bodybuilder in the world.

Now he is 84 years old, and he is preparing for another bodybuilding competition. He is straight, which is important for assessing the indicators at this age. He does not apply hormone replacement therapy and I will explain why later.

  1. The thing is that he started studying at the age of 76. After he suffered: poliomyelitis, two serious stroke, cardiac arrest, heart surgery, after which he has an electrocardiostimulator. Inflammation of the prostate, stomach cancer and this is not a complete list. He survived a clinical death. And when he was given an electrocardiostimulator, he needed to start restoring the functions of the heart. At the age of 76, he could hardly lift a kilogram dumbbell. When he was under the dropper during recovery procedures after cancer, he continued to study under the supervision of a doctor – he switched the dropper from one hand to the other, and he took turns training his hands. Really. I saw the pictures …
  2. Now he is 84 (I will repeat this again five, because I am very impressed by this, and he told me about his schedule of trainings, by the way, he began to tell it in response to the question “what diet he is sitting on,” he said, that now will tell what his schedule of training and you yourself will understand what the diet.

He trains for 1.5 hours in the hall – weight training with a constantly increasing load, working for hypertrophy and strength, changing the training cycles, then makes a hard interval cardio for 45 minutes – 1 hour. Sometimes in the pool. Before the competition for a month adds one more hour of training in the evening.

  1. It is trained SIX TIMES A WEEK!!! According to the split-program.

He does not use pharmaceutical bodybuilding drugs because of the list of diseases listed above. All 8 years he is engaged under the supervision of doctors and this same professor. The professor said that his health status corresponds to a 60-year-old healthy man. To which Ray added that clearly with him the sixty-year-old is not comparable, because he “was ill all these years”.

What other questions were there for him?

Stretching, he neglects, but the flexibility he has excellent.

Cardio does not like, but it is necessary for him to be healthy. Although he tries to reduce it to a minimum of time, but do more heavy interval training for less muscle loss.

He said that his memory and quality of sleep had significantly improved.

I can also say my personal impressions: the unusually talkative, charming with excellent healthy appearance is a very charismatic man of 55-60 years… no more. With a tremendous posture and a plastic sportive gait 🙂

When he was asked what he regretted, he replied, like everyone else:

– Why did not I start 50 years earlier? Then it would not be so hellishly hard! But I’m happy that I was born anew at 76! Some do not have this experience. I would like to bring my discovery to everyone.

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