Care planning

Observation “Psychological keys”, indicators of actual or potential foci of internal psychological tension may be words, phrases bearing emotional stress, often recurring or passing through a refrain in a patient’s speech (verbal keys), changing his mood at specific moments in a conversation or in discussing certain topics, Inadequacy of reactions, specific gestures, facial expressions (non-verbal keys), inconsistency of the content and emotional side of the conversation.

Work to identify the patient’s pathogenic psychological problem is based not only on the training of a nurse in the field of scientific psychology, but also on her practical life experience, intuition and apathy. A professionally significant feature of a nurse’s personality is observation, which is useful to constantly train. Observing the behavior of the patient, the nurse correlates his actions and emotions with the known norms, standards: age, sex, professional and others, which she formed on the basis of personal experience during the training of psychology.

It is not necessary to react automatically, it is useful to reflect more (reflection is an awareness of one’s own internal states, experiences, etc.). Conscious communication is a professionally significant property of a medical worker who needs to learn.

Response to the disease depends on the age of the patient. A different reaction is noted for the same disease with the same outcome in patients.

Chemicals can enter the body when inhaled in the form of dust or vapors, absorbed into the skin, get into the eyes or mouth. Their influence can be manifested by skin reactions, dizziness, headache and shortness of breath.

Diseases in old age are transferred physically harder and for a long time worsen overall well-being of patients. With age, a whole gamut of age experiences come to the person: here is the outrage against old age, and significant changes in personal reactions and life stereotype. There is uncertainty, pessimism, resentment, fear of loneliness, helplessness, and material difficulties.

The interest in the new and in general towards the outside world is noticeably decreasing, with an emphasis on the experiences of the past and their reassessment. As you age, your mental reactivity decreases.

However, it is impossible to speak only about the regress of the person in old age, because many people up to a very old age retain their positive qualities and creative abilities.

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