Nursing diagnosis

Tips that are useful for considering a nurse when stating a primary psychological diagnosis.

Try to become a patient friendly and patient listener for the patient, create an atmosphere of trust, so that he can tell about the emotionally significant events of his life, believing that he will be understood, not condemned, will not be treated worse, they will support.

When caring for a patient during a conversation with him, try to find out:

  • What significant events for the patient occurred in the last 5-10 years?
  • Time and importance for the patient to care for his body, sports, sexuality, habits, food consumption; His attitude to his body and pain
  • Attitude to work and satisfaction with it; The importance of zeal and diligence; The importance of work and interest in problems directly related to the profession;
  • Level of friendliness; Relations with relatives, friends and colleagues;
  • Professional, personal, family and global perspectives in understanding them to the sick; Features of life philosophy and worldview.

It is useful to organize a patient’s social support by involving him in group work (for example, a group of patients suffering from hypertension, a group of people with diabetes mellitus) in such a group the patient can discuss his problems, gain support, feel that he is not alone and that he is understood. Family group work is also useful. It is known that therapy of gastric ulcer, ulcerative colitis, diabetes, asthma, coronary heart disease, anorexia, migraine requires a family approach.

Nursing staff are required to follow the rules, as well as moral and ethical standards for patients, without harm and using six principles of care: safety, confidentiality, respect, communication, independence and ensuring infectious safety.


The delivery of a ship to a seriously ill patient, restating a bed, transferring the patient to a stretcher, gurney and other activities of a nurse are associated with considerable physical stress on the spine, musculoskeletal system, which can lead to trauma to the spine, knee joints.

Knowing the biomechanics of the body will prevent injury. The biomechanics of the body is the way that the human body adapts to not lose balance during movement. You can sit, stand and lift weights in compliance with certain rules, in order to prevent injuries to the spine, musculoskeletal system.

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