Steps for Writing an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative paper is considered as a paper where a writer conducts a research concerning a controversial subject, takes a personal point of view, and attempts in order to persuade readers to accept his or her stance with a basis on facts he or she revealed. This sort of paper is thoroughly planned and, as usual, it can take a few days of researching stage, pre-writing procedure, writing itself, and editing before you submit the final version.

Argumentative Paper Composition

Introductory Part

Argumentative papers are opened with the introductory parts. The given part offers a summary of controversial subject about which a writer is going to make an argument. In addition, this part has to attract the interest of readers and make them read the rest of the paper. A writer has the right to apply one of a few methods for the introductory part, including presentation of a scenario, provision of startling facts and information, or opening with a related quote. At the same time, the introductory paragraph has to explain a position of a writer. This goal can be reached by means of short and clear thesis, which is able to inform readers about the position of a writer. The presentation of thesis within the frames of the first paragraph provides readers with a strong background about what can be expected since they read the rest of the paper. In this way, you know for sure ‘how to start my argumentative essay.’

Main Body of the Text

The body of the paper has to possess a well-arranged point, which backs up the argument of a writer. For instance, in case the thesis of a writer is that higher educational institutions have to offer more financial support for students in need, the major points may add the facts that tuition has been increased above the inflation rate, the majority of students prefer to go to school and have a part-time job, and that higher tuition costs are putting an unreasonable financial issue on learners by way of excessive loan debts. All these things have to be put in their own paragraphs and elaborated with the usage of supportive facts that were revealed by a writer during his or her stage of research on the best topic for argumentative essay.

Research Procedure

The research process must be reliable in order to help to set ethos and credibility of a writer. Reliable sources are thought out to be newspaper articles, articles from journals, books, and peer-reviewed Internet websites. Learners have to get rid of those sources, which possess a clear bias because such sources cannot be considered as reliable by readers. In addition, these resources usually have erroneous information that may mislead readers and ruin the credibility associated with a writer when he or she is working on the best argumentative essay.


Near the end of the argumentative paper, a writer has to add the paragraph, which introduces an argument of the opposition and then objects it with the usage of factual information. The given part is recognized as the “counterargument” and its particular role lies in addressing and laying to rest any lingering doubts.

Concluding Part

The argumentative paper needs to be finished with a powerful conclusion, which has the ability to wrap up the paper and reiterate the major points in the argument of a writer, applying those facts found by a writer. The final outcome does not have to restate the thesis; it needs to be an expanded overview, which reinforces the major ideas and key points of facts presented by a writer. So, as it is clear enough that the structure of argumentative essay has to be followed without any turndown.

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