Steps to Writing a Thesis Statement

Do you struggle when endeavoring to elaborate the thesis for a written assignment?  Well, note that you are not alone in the field because it is the place that learners often battle with.

What is considered as the thesis, and for which reason is it necessary to have one when dealing with writing papers?

The thesis tends to be the most significant sections of the paper: it is the way you inform readers what you are going to argue about, and why they have to read everything produced by you.

At the time, a teacher or instructor grades the paper, he or she is searching for a well-organized statement, which is able to profess that particular point you are going to make within the frames of papers.

In case the paper does not possess any academic writing thesis statement or it is not clear enough to be understood, you have already wasted precious time.  At the same time, remember that your mark will be decreased too.

False Stories about Thesis

You may take into consideration that it is necessary to have a clear and well-defined thesis when working on the paper, although it is nothing but a false story.  You have the right to compose a nice paper with a presence of working thesis and after that rewrite the thesis since the paper will progress further.

In a like manner, during studying in high school, instructors teach you how to compose the thesis in only one sentence.  Nonetheless, when you have a more complicated topic, you can compose the thesis, which consists of several sentences.

Contents of Thesis

Despite the fact that there exist many theses for many written assignments (capstone projects vs. argumentative papers vs. literature reviews, and so on), they all possess the similar standard structure.

All thesis statements should:

  • Demonstrate an understandable subject
  • State a debatable point of view

Do not forget that when you require help writing a thesis statement essay, you have to ask for such help.

Typical Mistakes when Working on a Thesis

The following list covers some typical mistakes students make when composing the thesis.  All kinds of mistakes are illustrated with successful and unsuccessful examples of the thesis.

  • Thesis has to demonstrate the full idea.
  • Inappropriate thesis: Life in university is actually difficult for the majority of learners.
  • Correct thesis: Being a freshman is a challenging time for those who only begin their studying in university.
  • You should not consider the thesis in the form of a question.
  • Inappropriate thesis: Has the USA decrease the age of legal drinking?
  • Correct thesis: All people who are old enough to go into the army should have a possibility to drink on a legal basis.
  • The thesis does not have to consist of phrases, such as “I consider…”
  • Inappropriate thesis: I consider the given taxes to be very high for people with lower incomes.
  • Correct thesis: Those families with lower incomes do not possess adequate earning rates because of a high amount of taxes.
  • The thesis does not have to contain unconnected ideas and thoughts.
  • Inappropriate thesis: Particular ducks can be witnessed as migratory ones, for this reason all birds without exception travel south for cold periods of winter time.
  • Correct thesis: However, a lot of bird species alter their habitat during a calendar year, Canada Geese are though out to be more migratory in comparison with blue jays.
  • The thesis does not have to include vague words. In the majority of cases, it may confuse you and make think, “write me a thesis statement.”
  • Inappropriate thesis: Many people believe in the high school curriculum, which consists of four years, because, according to the words of politicians, it would be fine for absolutely all students.
  • Correct thesis: As against the goals of Ontario government, the high school program which includes four years, led to a number of problems for those students born at the late 1980s.
  • The thesis has to avoid incoherent language.
  • Inappropriate thesis: Students who study in other faculties should not consider that arts university programs are a piece of cake because they do not suppose math activity, actually such programs can turn out to be even harder because of their subjective grading.
  • Correct thesis: Students who will not take the arts curriculums have to take into account that a high GPA is complicated enough because teachers and professors grade the papers subjectively.
  • Do not compose the thesis in a figurative language, and if you cannot understand how to write a correct one, it is never late to ask for help with thesis statement.
  • Inappropriate thesis: Love is considered as a bouquet of beautiful flowers into the yard of our heart.
  • Correct thesis: And even when love is considered as a new concept, it still can be critical in creating powerful relationships of romantic and not nature between individuals.
  • The thesis does not have to be a Sunday school truth.
  • Inappropriate thesis: A popular singer, Lady Gaga, possesses a very intriguing wardrobe.
  • Correct thesis: A popular singer, Lady Gaga, utilizes intricate costumes to attract attention of the audience and define herself as an artist.


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