Writing MBA Essays: 13 Dos and Don’ts

You think your writing skills are far from perfect?  We are here for you to render assistance! More often than not, it may turn out to be difficult to tell the whole story in 400 words or even less, though we are here for you to offer you several guidelines, which will definitely help you to solve all current problems with your admissions papers.

Have a look at all recommendations concerning essay writing mentioned below and inform us in case of any questions.


  • Try to proofread your papers again and again in case of need. In addition, you can ask your friend to read your essay and edit it too.  Every year, it is really surprising to see a huge number of papers, which are rejected because of typographical and other kinds of blunders.
  • Try to tell your story, and if it helps – it is better to introduce it in the form of a story.   You need to be unique and memorable.  And although you might not believe in the fact that you can show up, most of us do in our own method.  Look for your voice in your leadership MBA essay.
  • Assure yourself that you are going to answer the peculiar question. Do not be too enthusiastic to tell the whole story; in this case, you may omit the main point of the paper.
  • Remember to conduct research for sure. One can see that there are a great amount of various blogs, which are able to provide you with necessary strategies and information you will need to accomplish the paper within the given deadline.
  • Also, the process of research has to cover that specific program you send the application for. Assure yourself that you can connect characteristic features of the program to your aims.
  • Keep being vulnerable and do dig deep.  A lot of Type-A’s are a bit afraid to allow people seeing their particular softer sides. A number of top business schools provoke their students to let that side come through.
  • Compose the paper, for instance your Cornell MBA essay, not thinking much about word count. Only you have accomplished the paper, sit and edit it with the observance of the required word limit.


  • Your admissions essays are considered more than simple written tasks in the high school.  Therefore, do not treat it as Q & A session and apply the part of the question in the form of your response.  For instance, “My long-term objective lies in….”
  • Do not tell sad stories in order to excite pity unless it can really answer the question of your paper; otherwise, your essay has all chances to end up as the body count part.
  • Do not neglect instructions concerning page or word limits at all. When there may be some acceptable bend regarding the limit, do not write five pages if the limit is only two pages. It is possible to produce great MBA essays only when you are ready to follow all initial instructions.
  • Do not obviously alter the size of font, spacing, or margins.  Everyone can easily understand when there are several papers, which have different font types and sizes.
  • Do not apply a lot of professional terminology.   In case your readers cannot comprehend what you tell about, they can miss the major point of your story.
  • Get rid of “Find and Replace” paper.  Find a name of a peculiar school, replacing it with a name of another school.  Since it is more work, it is necessary to fit the papers to every single school you are going to apply.

You have accomplished your essays, but you need assistance with proofreading and editing procedures? Then, it is possible to address to MBA essay service. Writing such type of papers requires you to be maximally concentrated.

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